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September 2014

September 30, 2014 Band-in-a-Box 2014 for Mac Review

For many years Band-in-a-Box 2014 has been my indispensable musical companion, whether I’m knocking up backing tracks for my solo gigs, creating professional-sounding background music for my documentaries, or just having fun. The 2014 makeover absolutely ticks every box and brings the abundant feature set under control. If making music brings joy to your life, Band-in-a-Box 2014 will make you even happier.
Keith White - Macworld Australia

Click here to read the review on Macworld.
Click here to read the PDF.

Posted at 09:08 AM

September 30, 2014 User Showcase Song - Conversion Blues

After several 12 bar blues tunes we decided to have a go at the 8 bar alternative — not the most common but it certainly worked for “Key To The Highway” and many others.

So I wrote some double entrendres for Janice to riff off of and she quickly came up with a melody and even more quickly recorded it. Mr jane kindly offered his new found blues chops again and following a short exchange of messages this is what emerged after mashing up some blues, country and jazz RT's.

Posted at 08:30 AM

September 30, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Gary Smulyan's Organ Quartet!

The Gary Smulyan Organ Quartet has a busy October coming up!
See if they're playing near you, visit and click on tour.

Posted at 08:25 AM

September 29, 2014 User Showcase Song - The Happy Gypsy - Picked Up For TV Documentary!

Something I put together one day when I was just exploring some of the features on BIAB. I happened to run across this genre and decided I'd play around with it. All I did was add the acoustic lead guitar and change a couple of chords from the sample track. I really didn't do all that much. But, that said, it got picked up by a production company in England to be used as the theme song for one of the segments of a documentary on Gypsy Jazz. The documentary is a couple of years away, is what I'm told.

Posted at 08:46 AM

September 29, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Phil Woods - October Performance!

Award-winning jazz saxophonist Phil Woods will perform in North Carolina on Tuesday, Oct. 14, at 7 p.m. at the Schaefer Center for the Performing Arts at Appalachian State University!

Click here for more information.

Posted at 08:43 AM

September 29, 2014 Video - Making a Song in Band-in-a-Box

New to Band-in-a-Box? Creating your first song is as easy as pressing play! To watch a step-by-step video tutorial on creating your own song, watch this YouTube video:

Posted at 08:41 AM

September 26, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Kenny Barron - Oct & Nov Performances!

Kenny Barron will be performing in October and November! To see if there's a performance near you, head to:

Posted at 09:33 AM

September 26, 2014 User Showcase Song - Everyone Deserves

I've been pretty busy over the summer with my yard business, but I did write a song last month that I just finished recording a couple of days ago.

I hope you enjoy it. All comments welcome.


Posted at 09:25 AM

September 25, 2014 User Showcase Song - The Unreleased Josie Beck...

Hi All,

Here's a previously unreleased BIAB song called "Old Red Guitar" that Josie and I wrote back in 2011. We never did get around to recording it together, but Josie did a complete take that I think sounds just great… I thought I would put together a little video and share it here.

A little surprise for Josie.

Posted at 08:09 AM

September 25, 2014 Band-in-a-Box 2014 Russian Patch Available!

Мы хорошо потрудились и добавили в Band-in-a-Box ряд потрясающих новых функций и новых стилей RealTracks, MIDI SuperTracks, высококачественных (Hi-Q) MIDI-тембров и записей профессионального живого исполнения (Artist Performances)!

Вышло обновление для Band-in-a-Box 2014 на русском языке с полным руководством пользователя на русском языке. загрузки.

Posted at 08:05 AM

September 25, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Tim Kliphuis Upcoming Performances!

The Tim Kliphuis Trio will be performing throughout the fall and winter seasons in the UK! For a complete list of performances, click here.

Posted at 08:02 AM

September 24, 2014 User Showcase Song - Rainbow

hi guys this was created in biab and arranged and mix in reason 7 upgraded from reason 4 I have not worked with reason much I like the instruments loopbe 30 works with biab and reason a lot to learn here biab is still my song creator and arranger could not do with out it Style is NR_KENC+.STY (KENC Pop Ballad Nashville Rock +)
Style MIDI Instruments are : Fretless Elec. Bass (36), Acoustic Piano (1), Acoustic Guitar (26), 28/2 Mid Tone Guitar, GM2 Bank 2,
MIDI Drums :1 Standard Drum Kit (1) all midi except guitar solo and sax

Posted at 09:08 AM

September 24, 2014 Video - Band-in-a-Box: Specific Chord Options

Want to see how easy it is to rests, holds, shots, or pedal bass on specific chords in your song? Watch our YouTube video Band-in-a-Box: Specific Chord Options

Posted at 09:06 AM

September 24, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artist John Jarvis Album Credits include Rod Stewart, Miranda Labert & more!

John Jarvis is a busy session musician! So far, this year you'll find his work on albums for Miranda Lambert, Rod Stewart & Jim Lauderdale!

Click here to view a full list of John's album credits.

Posted at 09:03 AM

September 23, 2014 Band-in-a-Box 2014 Danish Patch!

Band-in-a-Box 2014 til Windows er klar med mere end 50 cool nye funktioner. Vi har haft travlt, og har tilføjet nogle fantastiske nye funktioner og nye RealTracks, MIDI SuperTracks, lyde og Artist Performances til Band-in-a-Box!

Den fulde manual til dansk Band-in-a-Box 2014 kan hentes her.

Posted at 08:32 AM

September 23, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Jim Clark - September Performance!

The Jim Clark Quartet performs at Cedar Street Grand Opening Sat. Sept. 27 1-3pm in Norwalk, CT!

Click here for more information.

Posted at 08:27 AM

September 23, 2014 User Showcase Song - Catwalk

Now, as you all know, the cat doesn't come alone. I'm not talking about what the cat might be dragging in. There's something that's as closely attached to it as its tail, something so unique that it's been adopted for well known commercial use. I'm talking about my all RealBand version of CATWALK

Posted at 08:24 AM

September 22, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Stuart Duncan - October Performances

RealTracks Artist Stuart Duncan can be seen this October on tour with Noam Pikelny! This Banjo and Fiddle Duo will be playing in North Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and Kentucky!

Click here for event information and show dates.

Posted at 08:26 AM

September 22, 2014 User Showcase Song - Make It To Macon

If you've ever traveled I-75 through Georgia, I'll bet that at some point you've said to yourself...
"... if we can make it to Macon..."
...we'll get lunch
...we can stop for the night
...we'll be half way to Atlanta

Something like that. But it ALWAYS sounds like a song title.

This is a song about do-overs.

Posted at 08:25 AM

September 22, 2014 Video - Band-in-a-Box: Part Markers How-to

Watch this video to learn how to control when Band-in-a-Box plays "A" or "B" substyles, drum fills, and different drum grooves:

Posted at 08:18 AM

September 19, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page. Learn more about Quinn Bachand here.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Gonzalo Bergara - Weekend Performances!

Catch the Gonzalo Bergara Quartet this weekend at the DjangoFest NorthWest!

Click here for more information.

RealTracks Artist Quinn Bachand will be there too!

Posted at 11:23 AM

September 19, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Jeff Lorber Takes the Stage September 25th!

Watch The Jazz Funk Soul Tour with RealTracks Artist Jeff Lorber, Everette Harp and Chuck Loeb on Thursday, September 25, 2014!

To learn more about this performance being held at the Highline Ballroom in New York, click here.

Posted at 08:25 AM

September 19, 2014 Video - Band-in-a-Box Chord Shortcuts

Entering Chords in Band-in-a-Box is easy!

Use these simple shortcuts in this YouTube Video to enter chords for your Band-in-a-Box song! You'll also learn how to create your own custom shortcuts!

Posted at 08:22 AM

September 19, 2014 UserTracks - Congratulations Seeker!!!

Hi Frank,

I want to congratulate you on reaching 50 UserTracks! That's such an amazing effort! You're a factory of fine music creation!

Best wishes,

Posted at 08:18 AM

September 18, 2014 A Look Back - Band-in-a-Box Version 12

Band-in-a-Box 12 for Windows was released in December 2002 - here are just a few of the New Features for Version 12:
✔ “Twice as many instruments” with GM2 support
✔ Separate Notation Track for each Harmony Voice
✔ Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Ukulele and Bass fretboard display
✔ Guitar Chord Diagrams in Jazz, Pop or Folk voicings
✔ Jazz Music Fonts for Notes, Symbols, Chords and Titles
✔ Multiple Tracks of Notation
✔ Section Text and Boxed Text – add custom text messages at any position in the notation track
✔ “Direct-to-Disk” Audio Rendering – converting a song to audio format in seconds
...and more!

Click here to see the Band-in-a-Box 12 info sheet!

Posted at 09:03 AM

September 18, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">This Saturday - THE TIME JUMPERS with Vince Gill, Dawn Sears, and Kenny Sears!

There are still some tickets left for THE TIME JUMPERS featuring Vince Gill, Dawn Sears, and (RealTracks Artist) Kenny Sears show this Saturday at The Arcada Theatre in St Charles, IL!

Click here for event information.

Posted at 08:40 AM

September 18, 2014 User Showcase Song - Light set me free

Sorry I have been a bit scarce recently. I hope to change that over the next week or so. I have been busy with an album that I am wholly and completely sick of (isn't that the first mistake? Tweeking endlessly with the mix?)and I am no longer sure it is much good (I am sure that is always the case!!)

Anyway, our friend Mario introduced me to and helped me with working with midi. I purchased Dimension Pro for the grand old price of $15 and this is my first tune that I did with midi. It is for a friend who wants to use the music in yoga videos.

It is all midi, synth and a bird tweet loop. The basic track was produced in BIAB and it was mixed in RealBand.

Posted at 08:39 AM

September 17, 2014 Band-in-a-Box Facebook Contest!!

Like us on Facebook before October 1, 2014 for a chance to win a Band-in-a-Box EverythingPAK! Click here to enter

Posted at 08:46 AM

September 17, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Troy MacGillivray - Saturday Performance!

Join RealTracks Artist Troy MacGillivray this Saturday at 8pm as he kicks off the fall season at Harmony House Theatre in Hunter River PEI!

Click here for more information.

Posted at 08:22 AM

September 17, 2014 Band-in-a-Box 2014 for Windows - Swedish Update!

Band-in-a-Box 2014 Svensk manual för Windows finns nu för nedladdning.

Posted at 08:19 AM

September 17, 2014 User Showcase Song - Big Cars

Got a challenge a couple of weeks ago – make a song and music video that will catch the attention of youths that want to be professional truck or bus drivers.

OK, then what…
Well, truck and bus drivers in my country listen to country music, kids likes metal or modern machine music…

So, I ended up with this country-metal-arpeggiated tune:

StorBil / Big Cars

Again, with great help from BiaB – I just love this software! Thanks to everyone at PG Music!

Posted at 08:18 AM

September 16, 2014 User Showcase Song - He's Faithful

This is a R&B Bluesy Christian song of mine from 2009. It was one of the first songs I wrote with BIAB. We didn't have horns then so I remixed it adding some horns and added some harmony to the original vocal with the BIABettes. Also I used Reaverb (convolution reverb) which was a new experience and remixed it in Reaper.

RT's are:
Drums Nashville Pop 16
B3 Organ 425
Bass 521
Soloist Guitar Blues BB 576
Rhythm Guitar Elec Blues BB 573
Rhythm Guitar Blues Roadhouse 581
Horn Section R&B 2114

Posted at 04:13 PM

September 16, 2014 Video - Simple RealTracks

Most RealTracks in Band-in-a-Box have the option to play in simple mode, which means less embellishment, alteration, more consistent rhythm, and less fills. Learn how easy it is to use this feature here.

Posted at 03:13 PM

September 15, 2014 Video - Ear Training with Band-in-a-Box

Train your ear to recognize notes, note intervals, and chord extensions using Band-in-a-Box's Ear Training tools.
Click here to watch the video.

Posted at 01:34 PM

September 15, 2014 User Showcase Song - No Students for Two Hours

Last Tuesday I had 3 students cancel at the last minute, thus I had two hours of time alone at the teaching studio. So to pass the time I outlined a couple of songs. This is the first song.

I wrote down the chord progression. Then when I got home I put the chords in Band-in-a-Box using the Slow EZListening Quartet [85MST] style , selected my sound choices, and laid down the guitar part.

The bass, drums and piano are verbatim from BiaB; these are all MIDI tracks. The guitar part was deleted.

This is an after hours jam.

I hope you like this quick and dirty.

Posted at 09:11 AM

September 11, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artist John Jorgenson - October Tour!

John Jorgenson will be performing in Scotland, Liverpool, Maryland, Virginia, Arizona & New Mexico during the month of October!

Click here for a complete list of his upcoming performances.

Posted at 09:05 AM

September 11, 2014 User Showcase Song - New Guitar Tune: Hayley's Smile

I composed this little ditty for my beautiful Brit friend, Hayley Oliver. I'm so proud of this little girl...she was just nominated Best Country Female Vocalist in Britain by BCMA for the fourth consecutive year. I don't think the fans (public) influences the voting but maybe ROG would know how the winner is determined.

Posted at 09:02 AM

September 11, 2014 Band-in-a-Box 2014 for Windows - Dutch Version Update!

Band-in-a-Box 2014 voor Windows is hier met meer dan 50 coole nieuwe functies.
Wij zijn bezig geweest en hebben enkele geweldige nieuwe functies en nieuwe RealTracks, MIDI SuperTracks, Klanken en Artiest Uitvoeringen toegevoegd aan Band-in-a-Box!

De complete Nederlandse handleiding van Band-in-a-Box 2014 is nu beschikbaar om gratis te downloaden. Meer...

Posted at 08:57 AM

September 10, 2014 Support Page is an excellent resource - you'll find Videos, Tutorials, FAQs, Patch Updates and more all in once place! &page=1">Band-in-a-Box for Windows - Video Tutorials

If you'd like to learn more about the latest version, watch a demonstration of our newest RealTracks Sets 188-205 or watch some short videos highlighting specific features, head to our Band-in-a-Box for Windows Video Tutorials page!

Posted at 08:20 AM

September 10, 2014 here.&page=1">RealTracks Artists Craig Scott & Joe Poole - Album Review

Craig Scott is joined by RealDrums Artist Joe Poole along with Cory Weeds, Tony Foster and Russ Botten to form the The Craig Scott Quintet!

Learn more about The Craig Scott Quintet – Cellar Live album here:

Posted at 08:10 AM

September 10, 2014 User Showcase Song - The Road

The song was composed in SongSmith and then transferred to BIAB.
(the Brandy style is compatible with both).
We think this one has an REM touch to it but we will let you decide

Posted at 08:03 AM

September 09, 2014 YouTube Tips & Tricks page. Of course, you can also call our tech line at 866-983-2474 if you need assistance!&page=1">Band-in-a-Box App Tutorials and Support

Enhancing your Band-in-a-Box experience is easier than ever when you have an App from iTunes or the GooglePlay Store! And... setting everything up is a breeze! We offer tutorials and videos to help you out!

Band-in-a-Box for Android Help Page

Band-in-a-Box for iPhone Help Page

"BB Remote" for Android Help Page

"BB Remote" for iPhone Help Page

"Pitch Invasion" for iPhone Help Page

Posted at 10:09 AM

September 09, 2014 User Showcase Song - Una Noche Sin Ti (A Night Without You)

I'm not playing anything on this! All I did was choose the instruments and plug in the chords. BIAB did the rest. It's just me messing around with BIAB and this is what happened. It's a slow Bolero ... always loved that sub-genre of Latin. Not much else to say about ... 'cept I hope you might like it a bit!

Posted at 10:08 AM

September 09, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Chris Nole on Tour with Country Singer Don Williams!

The Don Williams 2014 tour includes RealTracks Artist Chris Nole on keyboard!

This month their tour takes them to Kentucky, West Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin! For a complete list of their 2014 tour destinations, click here.

Posted at 09:51 AM

September 08, 2014 FREE Band-in-a-Box Apps for iTunes and Google Play

Did you know all of our iTunes and Google Play Apps are free? It's true!

Google Play

Band-in-a-Box Apps allow you to access your computers installation of Band-in-a-Box "on the go" - you can create a song from anywhere you have a wifi connection!

There's also a Remote app that allows you to control your Band-in-a-Box or RealBand program from anywhere in the room!

Posted at 08:10 AM

September 08, 2014 PG Music Inc. - We're here 7 days a week!

If you're interested in purchasing from us, would like to order over the phone, or maybe you have a technical support question - we're here to help!

Our sales line is available Mon-Fri from 6am-7pm and Sat-Sun from 8am-4pm.
Technical support is available Mon-Fri from 10am - 5 pm.

Click here for complete contact information

Posted at 08:02 AM

September 08, 2014 User Showcase Song - Autumn Pulse

I am by no means a composer, but recently tried my hand at writing an instrumental. This is my first attempt at anything, and I thought of sharing it in the User Showcase.

The song was composed on Piano and then I initially created a backing using BiaB, which I then took into RealBand for final mixing. The style is a contemporary medium Bossa style.

I used the following RealTracks
921:Bass, Acoustic, Bossa Ev 110
923:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm BossaFreeComp Ev 110
BossaBrushes: a: Sidestick Brushes b: Sidestick, Ride

Posted at 07:59 AM

September 05, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Byron House - 2014 Album Credits

Byron House has had a great year so far - he can be heard on three new albums!
Click here to learn more.

Posted at 07:48 AM

September 05, 2014 Band-in-a-Box 2014 for Windows - Portuguese Update

O manual da versão 2014 do Band-in-a-Box já está disponível!

Clique aqui para obter informações.

Posted at 07:44 AM

September 05, 2014 User Showcase Song - Outside Your Window

Hi Everyone.

My third song on the forum.

As usual, I'm playing the guitar parts and ROG is playing bass and keyboards. The drums are RealDrums.
Vocals this time are by Andy on the main vocal and my sister Sîan tracked up all the backing vocals.

Posted at 07:43 AM

September 04, 2014 A Look Back - Band-in-a-Box Version 8

Band-in-a-Box Version 8 offered new features that included the Melodist Maker, Guitar Tuner, Guitar Fretboard Window, Dynamic 3D Drum Kit and Auto-Generated Song Titles!

System requirements for the program have changed a lot too - this older version required either Windows 95 or a PowerMac and only needed 8MB of RAM!

View the Band-in-a-Box 8 retail box!

Posted at 01:07 PM

September 04, 2014 RealTracks Artist Bio page.&page=1">RealTracks Artist Paul Franklin - CMT Award Nominee!

Paul Franklin has been nominated for TWO CMT awards! He's been nominated with Vince Gill for the Musical Event of the Year. Paul is also nominated for Musician Of The Year! Click here for more information.

Posted at 12:40 PM

September 04, 2014 Band-in-a-Box for Windows - Can I transpose just one track?

I generated a great arrangement that I want to keep, but I need to replace the piano patch with guitar. For guitar, the part sounds an octave too high (Oddly enough, when I remove the patch the part remains an octave up, I have to reload the style to get it back.) I want to transpose just the one track down, and the manual apparently does not show how to do this. Other than rendering the whole file into midi, any solution? Thanks.

Posted at 12:08 PM

September 03, 2014 RealTracks Artists - There's OVER 100 Artists!

The popular RealTracks feature within Band-in-a-Box brings an exciting human element to your arrangement by adding REAL instruments played by TOP MUSICIANS!

Click here for a full list of the RealTracks Artists available.

Posted at 08:05 AM

September 03, 2014 User Showcase Song - To Your Journey

hi guys trying something different may be a bit busy all real tracks and me trying to be country picker thanks eric real tracks Style is _JWALTZG.STY (Jazz Waltz with Guitar (140 RS))RealTracks in style: ~~929:Bass, Acoustic, Jazz Waltz Sw 110

Posted at 08:01 AM

September 03, 2014 Band-in-a-Box: Using MIDI SuperTracks

Looking for a Band-in-a-Box Add-on with the editing and control capabilities of regular MIDI tracks, but with the added bonus of incredibly good MIDI sounds? MIDI SuperTracks is the answer!

Have top session musicians play your Band-in-a-Box song, while choosing which instruments they play by choosing MIDI patches. Watch our YouTube video to learn how:

Learn more about MIDI SuperTracks and listen to audio demos:
MIDI SuperTracks for Mac
MIDI SuperTracks for Windows

Posted at 07:58 AM

September 02, 2014 User Showcase Song - Brother Get In Line

In response to Floyd Jane's encouragement when replying to my comment on his "Eric, Whaddya Say" tune (i.e. "About time for another from you, isn't it?") I submit....

....a little (pity party?) love song using BIAB style as follows and mixed down with vocals added in Sonar:

Style is _BASDR_J.STY (Bare Bass and Drums(100 RS))

RealTracks in style: 515:Bass, Electric, Funk Smooth Jammin Ev 100
RealDrums in style: HipHop: a: HipHopb: HipHop

Posted at 08:31 AM

September 02, 2014 Order Band-in-a-Box and DOWNLOAD Your Purchase!

Order Band-in-a-Box directly from PG Music Inc. and you can start downloading the program right away! Of course, we can also send you the program by courier or mail - but you can still download it while you wait!
Order Band-in-a-Box for Windows.
Order Band-in-a-Box for Mac.

Posted at 08:28 AM

September 02, 2014 Video - RealBand: Batch File Convert

Did you know... in RealBand you can convert audio files of various types, RealBand SEQ files, or Band-in-a-Box song files to an output audio format of your choice!
Click here to watch the video.

Posted at 08:25 AM

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