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September 2023

September 29, 2023 User Showcase Song - Streamin'

A song I wrote this week from memories of tubing some of the beautiful rivers in Michigan. This one is about Big Sable (pronounced Sob-bull) River in Ludington State Park.


_SCANT.STY. Scant Dreamy Americana
All RealTracks. Quintet. Tempo=75
RD: AmericanaRoots16th^01-a:Toms , b:Snare :Bryan Owings
RT2877: Bass, Acoustic, AmericanaSlow16thsByron Ev16 060 , Byron House
RT3101: Piano, ElectricVintage, Rhythm AmericanaSlow16thsMike Ev16 060 , Mike Rojas
RT2878: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm AmericanaSlow16thsBrent Ev16 060 , Brent Mason
RT3073: Guitar, Resonator, Background AmericanaSlow16thEddy Ev16 060 , Eddy Dunlap

Added: RT3394: Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm Singer/Songwriter

Posted at 01:18 PM

September 29, 2023 National Day for Truth and Reconciliation - Holiday Hours

Saturday, September 30th is National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada. This day is also being recognized by employers on Monday, October 2nd.

We will have limited hours this weekend:

Saturday, Sept 30: 8am PDT - 4pm PDT
Sunday, Oct 1: closed
Monday, Oct 2: 8am PDT - 4pm PDT

Regular hours resume on Tuesday, October 3rd.

Posted at 11:23 AM

September 28, 2023 User Showcase Song - The Good News

A co-write with Bud Merritt.
(like you needed a last name?...)

The Good News

A lot of RTs:

RealTracks in song: 1826:Bass, Electric, PopModernGrooveSync4s Ev16 075
RealTracks in song: 1684:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm PopPromiseCrispHeld Ev16 100
RealTracks in song: 636:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm RootsRockDirty Ev 100 (A:held)
RealTracks in song: 1000:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm HardRockLAFuzzyHeld Ev 120
RealTracks in song: 2585:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm PunkHeldPlus Ev 165
RealTracks in song: 1004:Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, Rhythm ClassicRockStrumming Ev16 065
RealTracks in song: 3059:Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm Muted16thsFintan Ev16 080
RealTracks in song: 3160:Guitar, Baritone Electric, Rhythm AmericanaSlow16thsBrent Ev16 060
RealTracks in song: 1825:Bass, Electric, PopModernGrooveHeld Ev16 075
RealTracks in song: 3921 Guitar, Electric, Rhythm AltRockGrittyChuggingMuted8thsDbl Ev 070
RealTracks in song: 3922 Guitar, Electric, Rhythm AltRockGrittyChuggingMuted8ths Ev 070
RealTracks in song: 4297:Guitar, Electric, Soloist ModernCountry16thsBrent Ev16 060
RealDrums [in Song:ModernPopBallad16ths^01-a:Quiet hat, Sync-kick, b:Open hat, Sync-kick


Posted at 12:01 PM

September 27, 2023 User Showcase Song - Saturday Night Funk Down

A couple weeks ago I happened to open up BiaB just to noodle around and I noticed that a song file was auto-saved. (I must have experienced an OS update or a power failure days earlier). So I opened the file and discovered I had completely forgotten about a song I started which only contained the chorus. So I picked up where I left off intending to finish it in Studio One. This occurred on Saturday night, hence the song title.

Saturday Night Funk Down

Special thanks to Deb who explained how to “pause” the band in Studio One which led to me figuring out how to do this in BiaB. And thanks to Dan who put a fine point on it by explaining it’s called “stop-time”.

It turned out that finishing it in Studio One was too difficult, so BiaB came to the rescue :)

100 BPM, Key Em

2617:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Funk16thsWahWah Ev16 100
2618:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Funk16thsMutedWahWah Ev16 100
2616:Guitar, Electric, Background FunkSingleNoteWah Ev16 100
1408:Piano, SynthLayer, Rhythm Soul70sHeld Ev16 100
1949:Piano, Acoustic, Soloist PopRootsyJohn Ev16 100
1080:Piano, Electric, Soloist SmoothJazzCool delay Sw16 100
587:Sax, Tenor, 2-Beat Rock Ev 110
RealDrums in style:FunkHalfNotePulse: a: Snare, Kick b: Busy Kick, Snare

Bells & Trumpet: Korg Keyboard
Bass Guitar: My Fender Jazz Bass

Posted at 11:55 AM

September 26, 2023 User Showcase Song - Never Alone

Never Alone

This was created with Scaler 2, EZkeys 2 and biab finished in bandlab

Style is _ADORE.STY (Adore Slow Triplets Modern Pop)
RealTracks in song: ~1054:Sax, Alto, Soloist SmoothJazzCool Sw16 075

Posted at 12:46 PM

September 25, 2023 User Showcase Song - The Kingfisher

The Kingfisher

I submit a new composition linked to image and sound. I adapted it to a video that I created with the Magix software. This video is dedicated to the Kingfisher or in French le MArtin pêcheur? It is a beautiful bird, admirable for its life and its behavior in society where it willingly shares its food with its peers.

For this composition, few variations in terms of chords to maintain the rhythm linked to the image, apart from the guitar solo but I made an effort to synchronize with the video that I made by borrowing found footage here and there on the web.

I started with the C2-five.sty – Ev8 Country Ballad style. I increased the tempo to 95. I replaced the guitar with the Realrack 2200 Guitar Nylon. For the piano I selected the 2065 Piano, Rhythmic newage style. I added strings, choruses and bells vsts. For the creation of the music, I worked on the classic biab and on the vst biab. I noticed that the biab vst provided the midi file of the drums and not the realtrack of the drums of the Biab classic.

Posted at 02:37 PM

September 22, 2023 User ShowcaseSong - I Know It's Wrong

This is a song about someone who struggles with infidelity and wins.

I Know It's Wrong on Soundcloud
I Know It's Wrong on YouTube

If you watch the video, you might pick up that chess queen's move is illegal. She cheating.

Key=A , Tempo 65, Length (m:s)=4:03
No intro. 62 bar chorus, from bar 1 to bar 62. Repeat x1 chorus
Style is _DALLAS1.STY (Dallas 12-8 Ctry Blues Rhythm)

RealTracks in style: 2167:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Country12-8John Sw 065
RealTracks in style: 566:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Blues Monday Sw 065 ('A' only)
RealTracks in style: 1923:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm TexasBluesRockSlow12-8Brent Sw 060
RealDrums in style:PopRock12-8^02-a:Sidestick, Kick, b:Snare, Kick
Dave Bell of Blue Attitude played guitar and I played bass and sang.


Posted at 11:40 AM

September 21, 2023 User Showcase Song - Here In Woodstock

This is a song that I wrote many years ago. I was never quite satisfied with the recording or tracks selection. There was also another verse that was not included in the original.

So, here is a brand new updated version of the song.

This is called Here In Woodstock.

BIAB Tracks:
2877: Bass, Acoustic, AmericanaSLow16thsByron Ev16 060
0364: Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Ev 065
3622: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm, AmbientBalladSpacey Ev16 065
2504: Piano, Acoustic, HeldChords 060
RealDrums: AmericanaRoots16th^01-a:Toms, b:Snare


Posted at 02:14 PM

September 20, 2023 User Showcase Song - Good Karma

We created this "Janice video" to support a small local park that is focused on creating and maintaining a habitat for butterflies and other pollinators. The park was created and is maintained by a wonderful group of volunteers. While we did the videography ALL of the photos were taken by the park’s volunteers that includes some great photographers.

Good Karma

Their motto is "Celebrating Nature Brings Wings to Your Spirit & Peace to Your Soul."

The tune is a remix with new vocals (including harmony) of “Good Karma” that we posted five years ago. Thanks to PG Music for all and PeterF for the guitar tracks. We appreciate your time to watch - hey it’s only 3 minutes smile

Janice: vocal, melody and arrangement
Bud: lyric, arrangement and the production stuff
Peter: guitar

Vocals: Rode NT1 mic > Scarlett Interface > Logic Pro > Nectar

RT 392: Bass, Acoustic, Jazz Ballad Sw 060 (Very Simple) / Waves Bass Rider / Neutron 3

MIDI SuperTrack 1886:Piano, Solo-Accompaniment Bluesy12-8John Sw 060 - comped from several regens / Logic Pro Grand Steinway / Waves CLA Unplugged / Ozone 10 Imager

RealDrums: JazzBrushesSticks: a: Brushes - fills comped / Waves CLA Drums

Mix: Logic Pro X
Mastering: Logic EQ > Waves LinMB > Ozone Imager > Ozone Maximizer > Ozone Tonal Balance

Posted at 09:40 AM

September 19, 2023 User Showcase Song - Popcorn Man

Popcorn Man

The idea for this song came after listening to a J&B song a couple of weeks ago. At the end of the song, I started singing "I'm your popcorn man," which had absolutely nothing to do with their song, but their song inspired me to quickly come up with the chorus. I finished the rest of the song over the course of the next several days. If I were a recording artist, I would consider this album filler, but it was fun to do.

The Wrecking Crew:
Style TEXASRK (added piano and solo and replaced the drums)
BB RealBass 1419 Bass, Electric, TexasRock
BB RealGuitar 657 Guitar, Electric, Rhythm TexasRockChop
BB RealStrings 660 Guitar, Electric, Rhythm TexasRockCrisp
RT2157 Piano, ElectricVintage, Rhythm FunkyGroove60sJohn
RT2636 Guitar, Electric, Soloist CountryBluesRock
Drum Loops from Drums on Demand

Posted at 12:58 PM

September 18, 2023 User Showcase Song - That's My Mama

This song came about after a brief chat with Marty, when I told him a story about my mother.

He suggested it for a song, so here it is.

That's My Mama
© 2023 Vic Arnold

Drums: Praise worship and Cowbell rock quarters
Guitar: 693
Mandolins: 1948 and 2035
Fiddles: 3144, 3154 and 1878
Basses: 1268 and 2459

Posted at 11:43 AM

September 15, 2023 User Showcase Song - He's My One

This is a bluegrass gospel song that has an interesting story behind it. It's never too late to do something you want to do.

He's My One

A friend of mine wrote this. Chris decided a few years ago, at the age of 70 something that he wanted to learn to play the mandolin. So he went out, bought a good mandolin, found a teacher, and started on his musical journey. He became better at playing and joined a few pickers from his church. He started a weekly jam session at a different church on Wed afternoons that has grown to quite a few pickers coming in. Well, he decided to try his hand at writing something and this, well, this is his first attempt at songwriting.

He brought it to me..... lyrics and chords and had even typed out the melody line note letters on a sheet of paper. He didn't want to sing it so I was tasked with that job. As a side note: He has encouraged his wife musically, who has picked up a ukulele and has also become rather proficient playing it. She has joined a Uke band.

So.. this is the song.

Style is Olbones Bluegrass/Americana

Bass: 2877
Fiddle: 3158/2028
Mando: 3155/2033
Guitar: 3185/2176
Banjo: 3413
Dobro: 2176/2042

Since I didn't feel like singing this and Chris absolutely refused to sing it, and no amount of cajoling, begging, or coercion could get Diane to go near the mic.... Solaria is the singer.

Posted at 11:21 AM

September 14, 2023 Review - Band-in-a-Box® 2023 for Windows is Overflowing with Features!

Dennis posted his very thorough Band-in-a-Box® review recently, where he dives into some of the new features added with version 2023: Sound-Guy's Band-in-a-Box Review

Read his thoughts on the Download & Install Manager, partial track regeneration, Playable RealTracks, Audio Editing, the addition of SynthMaster, the VST DAW Plugin, and more!

"Band-in-a-Box continues to be an expansive musical tool-set for both novice and experienced musicians to compose, arrange and mix songs, as well as an extensive educational resource. It is, without negative connotation, a monster of a program. Yet, so is any DAW that I have used. No DAW can do some of the things BIAB does, while BIAB can do a lot that DAWs do."

Posted at 01:37 PM

September 14, 2023 User Showcase Song - Inner Sanctum

Proceed with warning, this instrumental may not appeal to some.

Inner Sanctum

You are in a very private special place. You get really scared and nervous when evil tries to take over your mind and body. But then you calm down when good takes over. Back and forth you go. Which will win? You have to listen to find out!

BiaB style = Planet Ambient Space Ballad
Tempo = 50 BPM

I deleted the bass and drums
Piano = FM8 - Preset Bells 3
Guitar = Phoenix - Mirage - preset Warm Key
Strings = Synthmaster one - preset Pad choir Oooh MR
Utility = Synthmaster 2 - preset PAD More Strings FN

Me - P-Bass - Amplitube - preset Solid State Bass Preamp with
Chorus added
Guitar - Xaviere Pro 900 - Amplitube - preset 51 Heavy Phase
Via my keyboard controller - EastWest Symphonic Choir - preset full choir

Posted at 11:43 AM

September 13, 2023 Band-in-a-Box® Tutorials for Low-vision and Blind Program Users

Our friends at EyesFree_Tutorials have just released their Band-in-a-Box Tutorials, Bundle 2!

Created for low-vision and blind program users, this collection of Band-in-a-Box for Windows tutorials includes 31 audio instruction files and 19 music files for practice, plus help documents. Specific topics include "ABACA, let's make a song form," "Recording melody and lead-in," "Playing and editing: part markers; the handy clipboard. The play function. Search and replace," and more!

Learn more about their new tutorials, and connect with Roy & Gudrun to order the Band-in-a-Box Tutorials, Bundle 2 here.

Posted at 01:38 PM

September 13, 2023 User Showcase Song - The Measure of a Man

The Measure of a Man (YouTube Video)

The Measure of a Man (audio link)

The Band:

4305:Organ, Rhythm SoulfulRock Ev 095
3164:Guitar, Baritone Electric, Rhythm BluesyPopSteady8thsCleanBrent Ev 100
2905:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm BrightBluesyPopColin Ev 100

Marty Straub (BabuMusic) is on Bass Guitar.

Christiane (Chris) Spruit is doing the lead vocal

I used EZDrummer3 for the drums and percussion, added a couple of additional guitar parts, and did some (subtle wink ) BGV's

Mixed in Reaper, mastered with Ozone 10.


Posted at 01:09 PM

September 05, 2023 User Showcase Song - My Walking Shoes

A bluesy number about walking away the blues, featuring Janice Merritt on lead and backing vocals.
My Walking Shoes

Leon wrote the lyrics and I played the guitar parts.
Bud recorded Janice and mastered the track.

RealTracks in song: 2734:Organ, Rhythm BluesSlow128Mike Sw 065
RealTracks in song: ~1136:Bass, Acoustic-Guitar, FolkSwing Sw 110
RealDrums in Song:JazzRideLewis^01-a:Brushes, Snare , b:Side Stick, Toms and Ride
RealDrums in style:BluesRockShuffle^2-a:Snare, HiHat , b:Snare, Ride
Kontakt Horn section

Posted at 02:22 PM

September 01, 2023 User Showcase Song - Love-Cardiac-Arrest

Hi Folks.
For your entertainment or misery here is my new tune.


To spare you the time of guessing what it's about, here is a brief story behind it. Often, when I hear a new tune I get a mixed bag of feelings. Meaning, a part of me wants to enjoy it, another part to analyze it and another part to change it. I find the urge of "changing" quite fascinating. This usually works on the first or second listen. It offers the brain an interesting exercise of trying to predict "what comes next": how I would have done "this or that", and finally what turn the actual composition takes, which sends an instant feedback to the thought process. Having confused you a little, this was just a one session vocal improvisation on the subject. All comments are absolutely welcomed & thank you for listening.

Tech stuff:BIAB:

1434:Bass, Electric, JazzFunkPoppy Ev16 110
1770:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm JazzFunkMovinChords Ev16 130
2273:Synth, Rhythm DiscoDigiBell Ev 120
3945:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm FusionFunky16thsBrent Ev16 110
3330:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm LoungeFunkChorus Ev16 080
4254:Horn Section, Background SoulFunkyChris Ev 105
3443:Guitar, Electric, Soloist BritPsycFunky Ev16 100
RealDrums SynthDrumsDisco^1-a:Snare, Kick , b:Snare Busy, Kick

EZkeys-custom midi.
Recorded in Cakewalk.


Posted at 02:17 PM

September 01, 2023 Holiday Hours - Labor Day (September 4, 2023)

Monday, September 4th is Labor Day. Our Customer Service Department will be open, however we will have limited hours that day:

Customer Service: 8:00AM to 4:00PM PDT (GMT -8)

Our hours will return to normal on Tuesday, September 5th.

Posted at 02:08 PM

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