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April 2022

April 28, 2022 How to: Search for RealTracks in Band-in-a-Box®

Looking for a specific RealTrack for your song? See how easy it is to search by keyword or file name when you watch our latest video, How to Search for RealTracks in Band-in-a-Box®.

Want to see a quick video tutorial that's not on our Tips & Tricks list? You can post your request to our I want a video that shows me how to .... forum.

Posted at 01:25 PM

April 28, 2022 User Showcase Song - Earline

A song I wrote for my 95 year old mother, who would have been 100 last New Year's Day...


BiaB Realtracks include National Resonator Guitar, Drums, Bass, Acoustic Piano, Vintage Electric Piano, Fiddles, Horn Section, and Brent Mason Guitar Solos.

I wrote and sang all Vocal parts... Played Guitar & Organ.
Mixed & Mastered in Cakewalk Sonar


Posted at 08:34 AM

April 28, 2022 Update Your Band-in-a-Box® 2022 for Windows Today!

Using Band-in-a-Box 2022 for Windows? Great news! We've released a free update that enhances many of the MIDI features and Drum Stems tracks, updates the program manual and documentation, and resolves a few user reported issues.

This free update includes additional enhancements to the DAW Plugin, and updates it to version 4.5.33.

Make sure you download this free update today!

Learn more...

Posted at 08:19 AM

April 27, 2022 User Showcase Song - Doctor of Love

Here's a Blues I wrote some time ago and re-recorded with Band In A Box Real Tracks. It features the Blues Harp of TJ Klay and the immaculate Guitar of Jack Pearson.

Doctor Of Love

Music & Lyrics - Nigel Spiers
Vocals - Nigel Spiers
Drums - Shannon Forrest - BluesRockShuffle^2
Bass - Craig Young- 1583
Guitar - Jack Pearson - 421
Blues Harp - TJ Klay - 424

Posted at 11:07 AM

April 27, 2022 How to: Capturing and Adding a Screenshot to the PG Music Forums

The PG Music Forums is packed with an incredibly active community, always happy to discuss and share Band-in-a-Box tips, help with any questions other users have, and of course share their songs!

Want to know how to add a screenshot to your forum post? Follow the steps in our helpful video tutorial.

Posted at 11:04 AM

April 26, 2022 Band-in-a-Box® Utility Tracks User Tip


Utility Tracks were added to Band-in-a-Box® with version 2021. With this feature, there are now 16 editable Utility tracks in Band-in-a-Box®, which can be used for audio and/or MIDI! Generate RealTracks, RealDrums, MIDI tracks, and you can even record or import existing Audio or MIDI files to these tracks!

See how forum user justanoldmuso utilizes this feature to streamline their workflow with their recent post, Side benefit of biab added utility tracks.

Posted at 09:53 AM

April 26, 2022 User Showcase Song - Twenty-One Tear Salute

Twenty-One Tear Salute

_FPBTSEV.STY. 2 Even Fingerpicked Guitars Slow
All RealTracks. Quintet. Tempo=65 (55-80)
Instruments: El.Bass, Ac.Guitar, Ac.Guitar, Ac.Guitar, Drums
RD: NashvilleEven8^2-a:Sidestick, HiHat , b:Snare, HiHat :Brian Fullen
RT684: Bass, Electric, PopHalfNotesSync Ev 120 , Tobin Frank
RT405: Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming Ev 120 , Jason Roller
RT1676: Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking CountryBrent Ev 065 , Brent Mason
RT364: Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Ev 065 , Jason Roller

Posted at 09:39 AM

April 25, 2022 User Showcase Song - There's a Magpie

Finally got together with Leon to record some new songs. This is the first one (I've got quite a bit of work to do!).

There's a Magpie

Another "bird" song - we posted one about a White Cockatoo a while ago.
This one about being replaced by a new lover.

Leon lyric & vocals.
I played some guitar and did the arrangement.

The Band:
RealTracks in song: 2937:Bass, Fretless Electric Pop8thsRene Ev 085
RealTracks in song: ~~688:Organ, B3, Background Pop Ev 065
RealTracks in song: 3267:Cello, Background CelticAirFlowingNatalie Ev 085
RealDrums in Song:AmericanaSlow8sBrushesFred^1-a:Brushes, Ride , b:Brushes, HiHat
Had the Fretless Bass RT play a little bass solo.
Also used a Kontakt picked acoustic guitar.

Posted at 09:41 AM

April 22, 2022 How to: Capturing and Adding a Screenshot to Live Chat Support

The Live Help feature on our website is a great way to get in touch with our team for any assistance you may need with our programs. Not only can you have a conversation with us explaining your situation, you can include screenshots too!

We show you how easy it is with these videos:

Capturing and Adding a Screenshot to Live Chat Support at PG - Windows

Capturing and Adding a Screenshot to Live Chat Support at PG - MacOS

Posted at 07:48 AM

April 22, 2022 User Showcase Song - Salvation

There was a duo back in the 70's and 80's from Texas...they called themselves "Harvest"...I always wanted to sound and write just like they did...I never could (I lacked their talent and giftings)...this song was my attempt to write in the style they wrote in and sing in the way they was just two guys but their songs usually had their vocals stacked with lush harmonies that they multitracked...this song is a tribute to "Harvest" they will never hear it but that's okay if you guys listen...hope you enjoy.


BiaB components
364 Acoustic Finger picked guitar
368 Acoustic strummed guitar
851 Electric Guitar
3369 Mandolin
Real drums Nashville 8

I added: vocals, B3, synth and high strung acoustic guitar from my Tyros

Posted at 07:43 AM

April 21, 2022 User Showcase Song - Broken World

This is a co-write between my wife Kathy and myself.

Broken World

In addition to the audio, we also have a video for this song done by Christiane.

The Band:
2621:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Swing16WahWah Sw16 085
3351:Guitar, Baritone Electric, Rhythm SwampyBluesBrent Ev 095
671:Organ, B3, Background Southern Ev 120
Christiane (Chris) Spruit: Lead vocal and BGV
Marty Straub: Bass guitar and BGV panned left
I'm playing the lead guitar, a wha guitar, and did the BGV panned right
I used EZDrummer2 to build the drum track.
Mixed in Reaper, mastered with Ozone.

Posted at 01:16 PM

April 20, 2022 User Showcase Song - Illusions

I made this song in 2016, the year I also started with Band in a Box and some months later joined this forum.
That was quite exciting for me. I didn't know what to expect from it.
I didn't dare to place this song then.


Because I liked the melody, a month ago I decided to remake the song.
Well, a lot has changed in it. Of course I made 2 versions (Rock and Swing),since it appears I'm doing that all the time lately...
Also the lyrics has changed, because of the english I used then and some of the instruments. What stayed was the tempo and the story behind the lyrics, because it is based on my personall experiences. I was in politics and I learned what strange people our society has. And I always had problems with my superiors (sounds familiair?).
and the end was true too ;-)

Besides the RT from BiaB I used other instruments and my keyboard and loops again for bg-sounds. Tell me if I am overdoing that, or what you think of the song, or whatever. I skip the lyrics here, you can read them on SoundCloud if you like.

Here the technical stuff from BiaB:
Style: SCOOT.STY (Scoot Fast Jaunty Country Swing)
Tempo 135, Key: C
RealTracks: 2129:Bas, acoustic
: 1550:Piano, Acoustic
: ~975:Guitar, Electric
: 1553:Guitar, Electric
: 2165:Piano, Acoustic
: 3972:Guitar, Resonator, BackgroundSoloist BluesShuffleRob Sw 120
RealDrums:NashvilleShuffle^01-a:Sidestick, HiHat , b:Snare, Ride

Posted at 12:55 PM

April 19, 2022 How to: Finding your Band-in-a-Box® Program Location on Windows

If you need to locate your Band-in-a-Box® (BB) program location for any troubleshooting, we show you see how easy it is to find it with our latest video, Finding Your Band-in-a-Box® Program Location on Windows.

Want to see a quick video tutorial that's not on our Tips & Tricks list? You can post your request to our I want a video that shows me how to .... forum.

Posted at 09:53 AM

April 19, 2022 User Showcase Song - Heartless

Well Happy Good Friday and Easter everybody! Some good music around here this week!! Keep up the good work all!

I have a few things here, because I do not want to clutter the board, so I will explain.

My new song is called Heartless, and as with all my new songs I post the first draft and mix soon after writing here to get your feedback before I do a final mix.

You all were a great help on Whiskey Town. I sent it to some industry pros in Nashville, and got really rave reviews, but they said what you said: Hey dude, for the love of God please tune up those vocals and the mix is way too busy! So, I remixed it. What is below is what I will now enter in a contest.

The new one is hot off the press, and once I have your gut-wrenching comments, I will remix. That is my process!
Whiskey Town Remix

All music and lyrics copyright 2022 by David Snyder
Day of Faith Records/ASCAP

David Snyder: Production, Vocals, Instrumentation, Engineering Mastering

RealTracks in style: 3933:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm AltRockPopGrittyChug Ev 080
RealTracks in song: 3501:Bass, Electric, NashvilleRadioBalladAB Ev16 075
RealTracks in song: 801:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm SouthernSnappyGritty Ev 090 (A:held)
RealDrums [in style:RockBritDrivingEv16^3-a:Snare, HiHat , b:Snare, Open HiHat

Posted at 09:50 AM

April 18, 2022 How to: Rendering an Audio File from the Drag & Drop Section

See how easy it is to use the Drag & Drop feature in Band-in-a-Box® with our latest video, How to Render Audio Files Using the Drag & Drop Feature

Want to see a quick video tutorial that's not on these lists? You can post your request to our I want a video that shows me how to .... forum.

Posted at 01:03 PM

April 18, 2022 User Showcase Song - One More Day

A co-write with Greg Johnson.

One More Day

The original version of this was (intentionally) a Waylon kind of thing - intended for a pitch to a Country act looking for that sound. And I produced it to have that type sound with that type melody and rhythm.
I thought the lyric could lend itself to a more current sound, so I wrote a new melody and did an entirely new production.
Throwing it against the wall.

(The original was called "Man On A Mission" - an obvious title.
It was posted here a couple of years ago.
I changed it to ONE MORE DAY to differentiate this version.
IF you want, you can hear the original by scrolling down the main Soundcloud page).

RealTracks in song: 3467:Bass, Electric, AmericanaSyncSteveAB Ev16 085
RealTracks in song: 2667:Pedal Steel, Background DreamySingleNote Ev 075
RealTracks in song: 3162:Guitar, Baritone Electric, Rhythm BluesyPopHeldEmbelBrent Ev 100
Loop in Song: Drums\ShakerSlow16ths
Royalty Free Loops (snaps, claps, e-drums)
I played the pianos (electric and acoustic)

Posted at 12:58 PM

April 14, 2022 User Showcase Song - See You In The Morning Tonight

Strange title that may elicit a double-take. It was the words that kept coming out while I was strumming to find a melody one day. Rather than try to change them, I tried to make sense of them. Well, I surely failed there because why add the word "tonight" when "See you in the morning" says it all. So I made it like "at least for tonight" in this precarious relationship.

See You In The Morning Tonight on Soundcloud
See You In The Morning Tonight on YouTube

It's a song about waffling between breaking up and not breaking up. The verses are minor blues angsting about the relationship and thinking it should end. The choruses are a major poppy feel, hoping that it continues. The bridge is maybe more of a dream.

Style is _BLUFNK1.STY (Slow Even-8 Funky Blues Wah-Wah)

RealTracks in style: 2525:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm FunkWahWahChords Ev16 100
RealTracks in style: 573:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Blues BB Ev 085
RealTracks in style: 3351:Guitar, Baritone Electric, Rhythm SwampyBluesBrent Ev 095
RealTracks in song: 2534:Guitar, 12-String Acoustic, HeldChords
RealDrums [in style:RockTexas^2-a:Snare, Hihat , b:Snare, Sync Kick

Style is _FORWARN.STY (Forwarn 12-String Even-8 Ballad)

RealTracks in style: 2825:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm CountryPopMike12-key Ev 085
RealTracks in style: 3875:Guitar, 12-String Electric, Rhythm PopBalladArpBrent Ev 085
RealTracks in style: 2667:Pedal Steel, Background DreamySingleNote Ev 075
RealDrums [in style:AmericanaSlow8thsFred: a: Snare, HiHat b: Snare, Ride

Dave Bell of Blue Attitude played the solo, and I played bass and added vocals.
This song appears on my 4th album to be released April 9th.

Posted at 07:12 AM

April 14, 2022 Happy Easter! Our Holiday Hours

Our Easter weekend hours are:

April 15 - Good Friday: 8:00AM to 4:00PM PDT
April 16 - Saturday: 8:00AM to 4:00PM PDT (regular hours of operation)
April 17 - Easter Sunday: Closed.
April 18 - Easter Monday: 6:00AM to 6:00PM PDT (regular hours of operation)

We hope everyone enjoys their Easter weekend!

Posted at 06:43 AM

April 13, 2022 User Showcase Song - Why Do You Break My Heart

Here’s something new.

Why Do You Break My Heart

I was recently reminded I hadn’t done anything soft and sad in a while . . . which seems to have been enough to prod me out of my song-writing slump. Thanks in advance for the listen and feedback. Hope you enjoy it!

The band:

RealTracks 2475: Bass, Acoustic, HeldSimple
RealTracks 2914: Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Folky16thsBrent
RealTracks 1767: Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Pop16
RealTracks 2337: Violin, Background, PopHigh
RealTracks 2785: Flute, Background CroonerBossa
RealTracks 2335: String Quartet, Rhythm PopHall

Posted at 12:08 PM

April 12, 2022 How to: Find MultiStyles in the Band-in-a-Box® StylePicker

Wanting to see how to find and use MultiStyles in Band-in-a-Box®?

Our latest video explains how to apply substyle changes in your Band-in-a-Box® song: watch now!

Want to see a quick video tutorial that's not on these lists? You can post your request to our I want a video that shows me how to .... forum.

Posted at 01:10 PM

April 12, 2022 User Showcase Song - The Tide Of Our Love

Recently I got the software called SpectraLayers Pro 8 from Steinberg.
The software can un-mix stereo sound sources into 5 tracks (Vocal, Piano, Bass, Drums, and others.)
So, this time I tried to make an experimental music production using it.
I extracted vocal tracks and guitar solos from the stereo sound source recorded over 10 years ago, and added new accompaniment using RealTracks to them.

恋のゆくえ (Translation: The Tide Of Our Love)

There is a little noise in the vocals, but please understand that it was generated in the above process.
Any comments encouraged.
Always welcome.

Best regards.

Shigeki Adachi

Title: 恋のゆくえ (Translation: The Tide Of Our Love)
Vocal: Yoko K., my friend

Style is _PBALADM.STY: Medium Pop Ballad w/ Dreamy Electric Guitar
RealTracks in style: ~518:Bass, Electric, Pop HalfNotes Ev 085
RealTracks in style: ~542:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Dreamy Ev 085
RealTracks in style: ~362:Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming Ev 085
RealDrums in Style: NashvilleEven8^5-a:Snare, HiHat , b:Snare, Ride
Additional E. Piano(from MIDI Style: C_90BAL.STY) played with EastWest Goliath.
Additional A. Piano played with Steinberg The Grand3
Additional Violins and Cellos playd with EastWest Symphonic Orchestra
Scored by me

Posted at 10:37 AM

April 11, 2022 Adding a Kick Drum Variation to Your Band-in-a-Box® Drum Part

If you haven't seen any of our latest videos, make sure to take a peak - our Tips & Tricks videos are great for quickly learning a feature within Band-in-a-Box®!

One of our newer videos, Adding a Kick Drum Variation to Your Band-in-a-Box® Drum Part quickly shows you how to add a simple kick drum pattern to your song!

Posted at 11:20 AM

April 11, 2022 User Showcase Song - An Element Of Risk

An Element Of Risk


Default BPM is 140. I took it up to 145.

521:Bass, Electric, Pop Syncopated Ev 136 (Reverb 40)
Drums=Nashville Even8^1 (Reverb 40)
406:Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming Ev 136 (Reverb 40)
510:Guitar, Electric Rhythm Dire Ev 140 (Reverb 40)
511:Guitar, Electric, Soloist Dire Ev 140 (Reverb 70)

Added tracks:
499:Guitar, Electric Rhythm StonezFlash Ev 140 (Reverb 40)
690:Organ, B3, Background Pop Ev 165 (Reverb 60)

Other tracks:
Synth, Extravagasm-FP (Reason 11 sound samples) played on Korg K61p midi keyboard.

Any suggestions for improvement welcome.

Posted at 11:18 AM

April 11, 2022 The Barbershop Quartet

Happy National Barbershop Quartet Day!

Did you know about The Barbershop Quartet program, included in the Multimedia Performance Series?

With 2 volumes available for just $49 each, The Barbershop Quartet includes your favorite Barbershops songs PLUS an interactive multimedia history of barbershop singing in America.

Learn more about all the great features in this program when you visit

Click here to view the song list for The Barbershop Quartet Volumes 1 & 2.

Posted at 11:15 AM

April 08, 2022 User Showcase Song - Journey

Hi - This is a new style for me ... Classical Folk

Journey (ReverbNation)

Journey (SoundCloud)

I am playing live nylon classical guitar and piano lead parts, I used BIAB for Bass, Strings, and some piano backing tracks. I also added Midi strings, Oboe, viola, cello, and violin parts.

I wrote this originally as a lullaby to my baby son, a Father and Son Journey thru life.

Let me know what you think.

Posted at 02:07 PM

April 07, 2022 Associating Song Files with Band-in-a-Box® for Windows 10

Our Tips & Tricks videos are great for quickly learning a feature within Band-in-a-Box®!

Did you know you can you can associate song files so that they open up directly in Band-in-a-Box®? Jerry explains how in one of our latest videos, Associating Song Files with Band-in-a-Box® for Windows 10

Posted at 01:37 PM

April 07, 2022 User Showcase Song - Carlos Amigos

Carlos Amigos

Un morceau de latin rock: basse batterie piano et guitare rytmique enregistré et généré depuis band in a box en real tracks Nom Type TSig EvSw Tempo Nom complet Genre Groupe Date Set N° N° Instr N° Sous-Styles Autre Genre ->Debug Order GenScore Priority RDsub RTsub Fav Rec nr ND Pack 8/16 Instruments

Fav _MERCURY R 4/4 ev8 130 Jazz Rock Latin Mercury Latin Pop 75 2016/07 Xtra PAK 1 5 2 Latin Rock,Fusion,Pop

Le solo piano electrique et une real track Piano 1:1774:Piano, Electrique, Soliste Jazz Funk Movin DblCrch Bin 130
la guitare électrique solo, l'orgue et le synthé ont été généré dans Cubase.

Posted at 01:23 PM

April 06, 2022 User Showcase Song - Dark City

Promise to get caught up on listening / commenting.

In the meantime, here's something short and grimey. This is called Dark City.

BIAB Tracks:
2524: Bass, Electric, FunkHalfNote
2525: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm, FunkWahWahChords
RealDrums: Soul70sEV16

As always - thanks for listening!


Posted at 12:35 PM

April 05, 2022 Band-in-a-Box® Delivery Options

When you order Band-in-a-Box® directly from (or, you will receive immediate links to download your purchase!

Would you prefer the physical installations for your order? Not a problem - during the checkout process you can select the back-up copy option. When ordering the Band-in-a-Box® Pro, MegaPAK, or PlusPAK you can add a flash-drive backup copy that includes all your installation files for just $15 . The UltraPAK, UltraPAK+, Audiophile Edition, and OmniPAK backup copies are sent on a hard drive for only $25.

Order your Band-in-a-Box® today! Windows | Mac

Posted at 09:47 AM

April 05, 2022 User Showcase Song - Treasures

For a long time I wanted to do a collaboration with Janice, but I felt the styles I was tinkering with might of not be her cup of tea. Finally I had the tune that I felt was right. Janice agreed. Bud recorded and mastered her vocals. Everything came together better than what I had hoped for.


Janice & Bud thank you! P.S. I probably should not have been greedy and let Janice sing the whole tune. All feedback is welcomed. Thank you for listening!

Tech Stuff:
Vocals: Me / Janice M. Lyrics
Bud recorded Janice + consulted with mixing.
1036:Bass, Electric, NorthernRockBallad Ev 065
3882:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm RockNRollTremoloHeld 090
2668:Pedal Steel, Background WestCoastBallad Ev 065
3724:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm PopIndieSteady8thsBrent Ev 085
Loop : Dubstep\Dubstep - mad_ting_70_drum_loop_3_a_minor sw16.wav
2411:Sax, Tenor, Soloist BossaSlowJack Ev 085
2744:Synth, Rhythm AltHipHopPadA-B Ev16 085
RealDrums: RockBritDrivingEv16^1-SnCH,RdCym
Loop: Dubstep\Dubstep - sell_off_70_drum_loop_1_a_minor sw16.wav
Custom MIDI Style: 0 < No Patch Change > (coleplay.STY Piano track)
Custom MIDI Style: 0 < No Patch Change > (Bosa_45.STY Guitar track)
RealDrums in Song:ElecPopStripMall^1-a:SideSyncClap , b:SideSyncClapBusy
----Synths of Halion / Kontakt. Recorded in Cakewalk.

Posted at 09:44 AM

April 04, 2022 How to: Enter a Quarter Note Triplet in Band-in-a-Box®

Did you know you can enter a quarter note triplet in Band-in-a-Box®? See how this can be done with our quick "how to" video, Entering a Quarter Note Triplet in Band-in-a-Box®

Want to see a quick video tutorial that's not on our Tips & Tricks list? You can post your request to our I want a video that shows me how to .... forum.

Posted at 01:24 PM

April 04, 2022 User Showcase Song - Spread Your Wings

Here's a song I started writing at the beginning of March, and just finished recording. I was messing around with a new drum program I got (Modo Drums)... it triggered an idea and this is the end result.

Spread Your Wings

All RT's are listed below. All lead & fill guitar parts (plus a couple rhythm tracks too) are my Strat (Tichiwa) being played through a Spark amp. I'm doing all the vocals as well.

I mastered with IK Multimedia's T-Racks 5.
I also used a number of module processors (plugins) from that same program in my DAW when recording.

Drums are IK Multimedia Modo Drums
RT 379 Bass
RT 378 Guitar Acou
RT 408 Guitar Acou Dobro
RT 411 Guitar Elec
RT 595 Fiddle Shuffles
RT 2549 Fiddle Solo Celtic
RT 1295 Banjo Rhythm

Posted at 10:11 AM

April 01, 2022 New Band-in-a-Box® Tips & Tricks Video Resources!

We're constantly creating quick Band-in-a-Box® "Tips & Tricks" videos that we think will be a wonderful resource for anyone working with Band-in-a-Box®!

We'll be updating our pinned announcements on the Windows and Mac forums as more videos are added, but for now - check out these amazing resources!

Select the subject from this list to jump to each video announcement and join in on the conversation:

-Entering a Quarter Note Triplet in Band-in-a-Box®
-Adding a Kick Drum Variation to Your Band-in-a-Box® Drum Part
-Associating Song Files with Band-in-a-Box® for Windows 10
-How to Change Styles in the Middle of a Song in Band-in-a-Box®
-Band-in-a-Box® for Windows®: Recording Audio Using an Audio Interface
-MicroChords Feature in Band-in-a-Box® 2022 for Windows®
-Band-in-a-Box® 2022 Feature: Install Manager – One-Click to Download and Install

-Entering a Quarter Note Triplet in Band-in-a-Box®
-Adding a Kick Drum Variation to Your Band-in-a-Box® Drum Part
-How to Change Styles in the Middle of a Song in Band-in-a-Box®
-Using Your Bluetooth Device with Band-in-a-Box® 2021 for Mac (and Earlier)

Want to see a quick video tutorial that's not on these lists? You can post your request to our I want a video that shows me how to .... forum.

Posted at 01:52 PM

April 01, 2022 User Showcase Song - The Story Of Life

Finally got off my duff and finished up another one.

The Story Of Life

Ken Lasaine on rhythm/lead guitars and I did a limited rhythm track during choruses and outro.
Bass/Drums/Synth pad is BIAB.

_TEENPOP.STY Upbeat Teen Pop w Synth[100RS]
This All RealTracks style features Mellow Synth, two Clean El. Guitars, El. Bass, and TeenBeatUpTempo RealDrums. (El.Bass, SynthPad, El.Guitar, El.Guitar, Drums=TeenBeatUptempoEv16)

The song title came to me a week ago so I wondered if I could come up with something on such a broad subject.
Well....turns out after I finished the lyrics I realized I'm talking to my younger self!
Not sure it made a difference in my life quite yet.

Thanks Ken for your creativity.....and thanks to any that give it a spin.
Hope you found it worthy of your time.


Posted at 10:03 AM

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