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November 2022

November 30, 2022 RealBand 2023 is Here!

Just released - RealBand 2023!

There are over 30 new features to RealBand 2023, including RealChart generation for RealDrums, MIDI Vocoder and Fix Tuning modes for Audio Harmonies, MicroChords (up to 4 chords per beat), RealDrum Stems support, Playable RealTracks to customize the RealTracks performances by adding your own notes, Reverse Audio Effects, easy Tab key navigation on the Chords Window, smoother mouse wheel operation on the Tracks Window, the EZ RealTracks/RealDrums folder locations dialog, and much more!

RealBand 2023 is included with all Band-in-a-Box® 2023 for Windows orders - and our 2023 upgrades are ON SALE until December 31st! Until then, save up to 50% - upgrade for as little as $49!

Check out our Band-in-a-Box® packages page for all the purchase options available.

If you need any help deciding which package is the best option for you, just let us know. We are here to help!

Posted at 07:33 AM

November 30, 2022 Band-in-a-Box® 2023 for Windows is here - and it's on SALE!

Band-in-a-Box® 2023 for Windows is here, and it includes over 70 new features and an amazing collection of new content, including 222 RealTracks (20 more than we've released in previous versions), new RealStyles, MIDI SuperTracks, Instrumental Studies, "Song with Vocals" Artist Performances, XPro Styles PAK 4, Xtra Styles PAK 14 & 15, Playable RealTracks Set 2, Playable RealDrums Set 1, 2 new sets of "RealDrums Stems," and more!

We're having a SALE on Band-in-a-Box® 2023 Upgrade purchases until December 31, 2022 - save up to 50% when you purchase your Band-in-a-Box® 2022 for Windows Upgrade!

We've packed our Free Bonus PAK & 49-PAK with some amazing Add-ons! The Free Bonus PAK is automatically included with most Band-in-a-Box® for Windows 2023 packages, but for more even more Add-ons (including 60 Unreleased RealTracks!) upgrade it to the 2023 49-PAK for only $49. You can see the full lists of items in each package, and listen to demos here.

Check out our Band-in-a-Box® packages page for all the purchase options available.

If you need any help deciding which package is the best option for you, just let us know. We are here to help!

Learn more about all the new features in Band-in-a-Box® 2023 for Windows.

Posted at 07:20 AM

November 24, 2022 User Showcase Song - Set the Prisoner Free

Hello forum friends. Hope all is well with you! I got a PM from David a little while back with some info about one of his posts. We decided to do a song together. I have always been a big fan of his music! He had a lyric which was a lovely metaphor about losing youthful passion and the magic of life as we age, a subject which is somewhat of a personal obsession with me lately. He wanted something with kind of a Sting vibe. I came up with the musical concept. We bounced the song back and forth a bit, and this is the way it ended up. Hope you like it! We'd love to hear what you think.

Set the Prisoner Free


Bass. 533
Guitars. 2714, 526
Pad. 1840
Drums. County Shuffle 12-8 brushes
I added some midi as well (Moon guitar from Labs, Pan Flute from a Wind Instrument bundle, Mandolin from Komplete, Pad from Omnisphere)

Take care. David and Greg

Posted at 02:35 PM

November 23, 2022 User Showcase Song - I'll Let You Know

A song I wrote with Danny "Bear" Mayo

Written to pitch to the crop of sassy-girl-singers at the time.


The publishers (UMG and Polygram) pitched it well (late 90's), but no takers.
So it goes.

I decided to do a "BIAB version".
I needed a sassy girl singer for the new version.
Needless to say... I asked Janice if she would help me out.
She came through with flying colors.

Style is _SWAGGER.STY (Swagger Organ Country Rock)
RealTracks in style: 1174:Bass, Electric, PopCalypso Ev 100
RealTracks in style: 2764:Organ, Rhythm CountryBluesRockMike Ev 110
RealTracks in style: 2635:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm CountryBluesRockHigh Ev 110
RealTracks in style: 2625:Guitar, Baritone Electric, Rhythm BluesBoogieBassAndLicks Ev 100
RealTracks in song: 848:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm CountryRockRiff Ev 120 (A:sync)
RealTracks in song: 1718:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm TexasBluesRockStraightBrent Ev 120
RealTracks in song: 2689:Guitar, Electric, Soloist RockBrentSimple Ev 120 (Simple)
RealTracks in song: 3521:Guitar, Electric, Soloist AmericanaGritty16thsBrent Ev16 075
RealDrums in style:PopRock8ths^01-a:Closed Hat, Snare, b:Open Hat, Snare
I added a track using NI Vintage Electric (there just weren't enough guitars)


Posted at 02:41 PM

November 23, 2022 Celebrate National Jukebox Day with Band-in-a-Box®!

Happy National Jukebox Day!

You don't need to go out and buy a Jukebox - if you're using Band-in-a-Box®, you already have one!

What does the Band-in-a-Box® Jukebox do?

Using the directory you choose, the Band-in-a-Box® Jukebox will provide you with background music by continuously play the entire list of Band-in-a-Box® SGU files within that folder! There are many options for you to customize your Jukebox experience, including: Only Play song with melodies, Change Melody Instrument, Random order Playback, Audible Count-in, and more! Plus, the Jukebox will continue to play while you use other programs, providing your favorite music for continued background listening pleasure!

To learn more about the Jukebox feature in Band-in-a-Box®, check out Chapter 5 of our online manual, here. Mac too!

Posted at 02:38 PM

November 15, 2022 Don't wait - Update Band-in-a-Box® 2022 for Windows Today!

The latest Band-in-a-Box® update allows you to easily see the RealDrums with Stems in the update RealDrums picker, provides an abundance of accessibility enhancements, updates a variety of existing RealTracks, and more! It also includes the latest 2022 DAW Plugin updates!

Don't wait - install it today!

Posted at 01:01 PM

November 15, 2022 User Showcase Song - Uh Oh Oh No She's Gone

Guess it's been a minute or so since I've been here. So here's one.

Uh Oh Oh No She's Gone
Listen on
Listen on SoundCloud

RealTracks 362:Guitar, Acoustic, Strumming Ev 085
RealTracks 851:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm NashvillePopClean Ev 120 (A:held)
RealTracks 840:Guitar, Electric, Rhythm PopBalladClean Ev 085 (B:strum)
RealTracks 1268:Bass, Electric, PopUplift Ev16 120 Held
RealTracks 1268:Bass, Electric, PopUplift Ev16 120 Used in Bridge
Royalty Free Loops
Recorded in Logic Pro X
Plug Ins : Nectar 2, Neutron 2, Ozone 8, Tonal Balance, Waves LinMB, Waves, L3-LL Multi Limiter,
Logic Pro Metering, Scuffam Amps S-Gear, Waves Vocal Rider, CLA Vocals

Acoustic Guitar, Electric guitars, Vocals, Tom Adams


Posted at 11:46 AM

November 14, 2022 User Showcase Song - Loveland

The horns aren't perfect on this, but I did the best I could do. Sam Efford of fiverr handled the vocal.


~481:Bass, Acoustic, Jazz Ballad Sw 085
~487:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Jazz Ballad Sw 085
~555:Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm Jazz Ballad Freddie Sw 085
2593:Horn Section, Background CroonerBigBand9-Part Sw 110
Sax, Alto, Older Sw 140
RealDrums [in Song:JazzOlder^1-a:Brushes , b:Brushes Lively

Posted at 02:49 PM

November 10, 2022 User Showcase Song - The Wind In The Willows

I said my last song would be my last song post for 2022, but I had time to get together with my co-writer Ron Helm and we knocked out one more before the holidays (hope you all don't mind me sharing one more). Sections of the melody were salvaged from a previous song I posted here but I didn't like the verses. Hopefully this is an upgrade.


She is living under the illusion that a fairytale life is her destiny. He is living under the illusion that he can keep her love! I guess the moral of the story is, be satisfied with what you have! Thanks for having a listen! T

BIAB - Ukulele (sorry I don't have the particulars on this)
Drums - Drums On Demand
Keys - EZKeys

All Guitars
"Clarinet" Played on a Yamaha keyboard

The Wind In The Willows
Words and music by
Torrey Bliss and Ron Helm
©2022 Glass Gate Music


Posted at 02:07 PM

November 10, 2022 Holiday Hours - Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day is Friday, November 11th.

We will have limited hours that day: 8am - 4pm PST.

Our regular hours resume Saturday, November 12. Review our hours and additional contact information at

Posted at 02:05 PM

November 09, 2022 User Showcase Song - Who's That Knockin'

Here's a new Swing song I wrote recently featuring Horns and Vocals.

Who's That Knockin'

Music & Lyrics - Nigel Spiers
Vocals and BV's - Nigel Spiers

Band In A Box by PG Music Real Tracks:
Bass - 3478 - Neil Swainson
Drums - Nashville Swing8 - Brian Fullen
Guitar - 558 - Oliver Gannon
Piano - 1566 - John Jarvis
Sax - 1953 - Mark Douthit
Horns - 3998 - Chris West

Posted at 02:39 PM

November 08, 2022 User Showcase Song - The Colors Of Nature

I had composed chords and melody for this song five years ago but hadn't written any lyrics and there was no form yet. This year there was an Autumn song contest on a local forum, and I felt this song had suitable Autumn mood, I kept the working title and wrote the lyrics inspired by the title and the beauty of nature during early October days. I have tens of unfinished songs just waiting to be finished, luckily BIAB is a great sketch pad and an archive for them

SoundCloud: The Colors Of Nature (audio)
YouTube: The Colors Of Nature (video)

You may get into the mood also by watching the video (I have captured all animal video clips except the bear and humans during the last two years here on my walking trips).

I originally planned to use Natalie for vocals, but at the same time I had acquired also Weina and I had both of them on different tracks. Accidentally, I had left Weina's voice one octave higher than Natalie's on the first verse and when I heard Weina singing, I immediately fell in love with her voice and selected her as the lead singer. She sounded even better than I could imagine a real vocalist to sing. I can't hear anything artificial in her voice, please tell me if you hear. And she sounded that good without any modification on her voice settings, Natalie seemed to need modifications on her vibrato settings. Of course, I had to work hard on the timing of notes, this is not an easy song to sing, but I'm happy with the end result. Still, I'm interested in hearing comments on possible fluency issues.

Natalie and Weina are singing the second voices in the choruses. By default, Synthesizer V uses la syllable for each note and when Weina and Natalie were singing together after the bridge part after the second chorus, those la-la's were so harmonious in my ears that I didn't want to write any lyrics for those notes, amazing technology that could sing a phonebook and it would sound the sweetest thing ever smile I probably will write a song for Weina in which she is singing her love to me, just because it is possible and she feels so real (similar to the movie Her...) wink I love also the Chinese color in her accent. I really hope you like her voice as much as I do

(BTW. this song won that contest)

RealDrums: MalletsFolkSlow8ths
2474:Bass, Acoustic, Held Ev 085
3669:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm NewAgeArp16 Ev16 090
2773:Harp, Rhythm Celtic16ths Ev16 075
3262:Cello, Rhythm CelticReelChoppingNatalie Ev16 110
3418:Jaw Harp, Rhythm FolkSw16Roots Sw16 070
3876:Tin Whistle, Low, BackgroundSoloist Folky16thsGeoff Ev 085
3381:Fiddle, BackgroundSoloist OldTimeSadBalladAndy Ev16 065

Vocals: Synthesizer V Weina (lead, 2nd voice), Synthesizer V Natalie (2nd voice, double), Synthesizer V Solaria (double)

Mixed in Cakewalk by BandLab

Posted at 02:54 PM

November 07, 2022 User Showcase Song - The Long Way Home

The Long Way Home on SoundCloud
The Long Way Home on YouTube

At first I used a resonator, which gave it a good leisurely feel, but totally dumped it when Dave Bell sent me his guitar track. There is no solo in the song and it has a bit of a country flavor, so I hesitated to ask Dave to add fills –not because he wouldn't be great at it, but he knows I'm always afraid of wearing out my welcome. Whoa. Never again will I hesitate. He not only captured the easy stroll, but added so much MORE flavor, and even sounded a bit of country himself. [Nice hat, too.] So Dave Bell of Blue Attitude plays guitar, and I added bass and vocal. Your comments are not only welcomed, but treasured and very helpful.

The first verse is Guy Meets Girl, the second is Guy Gets Girl, and the third is Guy Is Already Married To Girl. You can change the genders anyway you like, of course. The leisurely feel represents... well, foreplay really, and the changing of keys represents impatience. The slowdown at the end expresses the desire to make it last.

Key=C , Tempo 69, Length (m:s)=4:36
No intro. 80 bar chorus, from bar 1 to bar 80. Repeat x1 chorus
Song is saved with bar changes for Tempo, Time signature,
Style is _DALLAS2.STY (Dallas 12-8 Ctry Blues Refrain)

RealTracks in style: 1152:Silence
RealTracks in style: 2167:Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm Country12-8John Sw 065
RealTracks in style: ~569:Guitar, Resophonic, Rhythm Blues Delta Sw 065
RealTracks in style: 2674:Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm Blues12-8Brent Sw 065
RealTracks in song: ~902:Bass, Electric, SmoothCool Sw16 075

Posted at 09:56 AM

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